He got the FBI to test ‘Bigfoot’ hair in the 1970s — and this 93-year-old man is still searching for Sasquatch

Even though he does not recall that test being performed, or the FBI’s conclusion, more than 40 years later Byrne still dreams of finding a Bigfoot.

“No, no,” Byrne answered ruefully, when asked if he had ever actually seen a Yeti or Bigfoot. “I’d love to see one.”

“There’s been sightings,” he said.

He noted that he once found in the Pacific Northwest a “huge footprint” of what would have been an upright mammal with five toes on each foot and a “46-inch stride.”

And, “We had a sighting 10 days ago [of a Bigfoot] from a very reliable, very good friend of mine,” Byrne said.

Last year, he said, there was a sighting of a suspected Sasquatch by seven loggers, who were surprised to see a huge creature ambling their way.

Above: An image of the hair sample included in the FBI’s Bigfoot documents.

When it came to believing in Bigfoot, Byrne noted, those men were “all totally skeptical right until then.”

Byrne pleaded guilty in August 2013 to defrauding the Social Security Administration, the Oregon Department of Human Services and Medicaid[6] out of more than $78,000 by concealing his travels outside of the United States from 1992 through 2012.

Byrne, who was sentenced to three years of probation and full restitution, had been receiving Supplemental Social Security Income, and had been required to report to Social Security certain travel outside of the U.S. at times he was getting that need-based benefit.

“Between 1992 and 2012, Byrne traveled outside the U.S. for more than 30 days at least 15 times, on some occasions remaining outside the U.S. for more than four months,” prosecutors said at the time.

He also had more than $85,000 in bank accounts at one time when he was getting SSI and food stamps, authorities said.

According to federal prosecutors in 2013, investigators found a copy of a letter Byrne had sent his publisher, Safari Press, “directing that any future royalties for his published books be sent to his girlfriend.”

“Byrne had previously been questioned by investigators whether he was receiving royalties for the books he had written on topics such as his search for Bigfoot and game-hunting in Nepal,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Oregon said in a press release at the time. “

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