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Animal Planet’s “Monster Week” 2018 will kick off with the 100th and final episode of “Finding Bigfoot,” TheWrap has learned exclusively. Not a bad way to get things going, or to finally bid adieu to a fan-favorite TV series.The week-long celebration will be hosted by Rhys Darby[3] (“Flight of the Conchords[4]”), Dan Schreiber[5] and Buttons of podcast “The Cryptid Factor,” and it also includes new episodes of “River Monsters[6],” “Expedition Unknown[7],” “Deadliest Place on Earth” and “World’s Scariest Animal Attacks,” along with a slew of specials, we’re told.

We’ve got the trailer for the annual event posted above and more details below — the news and footage is all ours, not that we’re trying to be monsters about it.

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“Monster Week” premieres Sunday, May 27 — that’s Memorial Day Weekend, by the way — at 8/7c with the 100th and final episode of “Finding Bigfoot[8],” which returns to television after more than a year-long hiatus.

The two-hour special features Bigfoot Field Research Organization president Matt Moneymaker[9], researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman[10] and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland[11] as they travel to the 50th anniversary celebration of the Patterson Gimlin film, which is often referred to as the holy grail of Bigfoot[12] footage and the most famous piece of evidence ever recorded.

Cutting-edge technology brings forth all-new details of the creature captured on this film and leaves our investigators more convinced than ever about its authenticity, per Animal Plant. A farewell retrospective on the series follows.

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Here are the new specials– all series descriptions are in Animal Planet’s own words:

Finding Bigfoot[14]

(Sunday, May 27 at 8/7c)

The team of investigators returns for the 100th episode! In a two-hour “Monster Week” special, the team travels to Willow Creek California to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the most famous piece of Bigfoot footage, the Patterson Gimlin film. The discovery of a new copy of the film brings forth the biggest Bigfoot[15] discovery in decades, showing the clearest image of the creature in 50 years. Immediately following is a one-hour special that features the “Finding Bigfoot[16]” investigators and crew as they share their own stories and experiences together which spans a decade.

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